Unrecognized and untreated substance abuse problems affect the entire workplace. Substance impaired employees are less productive, use more sick time and have more accidents than employees without the problem. Worse, most impaired employees have been on the job an average of seven years before the problem grows to the point that it’s obvious to everyone. They are trained and were at one time productive and contributing to the success of the business.

Employee Assistance Programs save jobs and increase the health and productivity of the entire workplace.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Managerial training for plant supervisors. Topics include: early recognition, documentation, response and referral procedures.
  • Employee evaluations and recommendations.
  • Evaluation and referral services for the employees’ families.
  • On site consultation for employee related concerns.
  • Confirmation of attendance at counseling reports for Human Resource Departments.
  • Policy writing assistance for compliance with Drug Free Workplace requirements.
  • Pay envelope enclosures with prevention and treatment availability information for employees and their families.
  • On or off site smoking cessation programs for employees and their family members.