Private, confidential and professional services are always available. Our programs include:


The possibility that alcohol or other drug problems exist often creates anxiety, fear and frustration. "Is the problem there or isn’t it?" "How serious is it?" "What can I do?" The evaluation process helps to answer all those questions and gives clear answers to what is wrong, what can be done to help and where help can be found.

Individual Counseling

The most basic and frequent service offered, individual counseling, gives a chance to meet with a counselor one on one. Here people come to work on their own problems with drugs and alcohol, or the problems being faced by someone they love.

Family & Marital Therapy

The problems created by alcohol or drugs hurt more than just the person who uses them. Everyone in the family can be hurt. Our family specialists help restore the balance every family needs and wants.

Addiction Education Group

This group is designed to provide information on the process of addiction as it relates to the client and his/her family. Strictly for educational purposes, this group focuses on the signs of chemical dependency, the stages of addiction and resources and support networks for both the chemically dependent individual and family members.

Gender Specific Groups

Men and women have problems or concerns that can be most effectively addressed in gender specific groups (groups of all men or all women). We offer both groups to address such issues as relationships, anger, abuse, co-dependency, parenting, self-esteem, body image, socializing sober and taking care of oneself.

Life Skills Group

This is designed for individuals who are starting part of their lives over because of addiction, incarceration or divorce. This group focuses on skills necessary to develop healthy lifestyles. Topics discussed include communication skills, feelings, setting and achieving goals, living within laws and norms, independent living, critical thinking, personal, social responsibilities, relationships and employment skills.

Relapse Prevention Group

Because of the cunning and baffling nature of addiction, the best intentions of remaining sober sometimes fail. The Relapse Prevention Group is for people who have tried to stay sober and who have not succeeded. In this supportive therapy group the signs and symptoms of relapse are studied and talked about and the steps to preventing relapses are learned.

Adult Partial Hospitalization Program "PHP"

The Pathway To Recovery "PHP" is designed to provide the structure and intensity of inpatient rehabilitation in an outpatient setting.

People whose problems are too severe to help in traditional individual or group outpatient treatment benefit from this extra level of care. With PHP treatment, individuals and families receive the care they need without disruption to home, work or school.


Sometimes problems are too severe for outpatient treatment, and inpatient care is the only option. Pathway To Recovery has referral agreements with a number of excellent inpatient treatment centers throughout Pennsylvania. We are also often able to help explore funding if no insurance is available.


Drug & Alcohol problems never wait for convenient times to happen. Pathway To Recovery is part of a network for information and referral anytime day or night by dialing our local number or by calling the HELP LINE at 1(888)829-1341.

Employee Assistance Programs

Hundreds of billions of dollars are lost annually to industries because of drug and alcohol use on the job. The costs of poor work, employee turnovers, damaged goods, accidents, sick leave, insurance claims, lost customers, late deliveries and more.

An important service to both employers and their employees, the EAP programs result in improved performance and prosperity in the workplace for everyone.

To help combat this serious problem, Pathway To Recovery offers the following services to area businesses and industries:

  • Employee information on the dangers of using alcohol and drugs.
  • Supervisory and management training on identifying employee problems and referring for help.
  • Drafting company policies and procedures to deal with drug use and abuse.
  • Outpatient treatment, evaluations and referrals for employees and their families.

We accept most major insurance for payment of services and maintain a sliding fee scale for persons with no insurance.